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ITIL Germany
If you have obtained the Foundation Certificate, and are based in Germany, please feel free to enter your details below. This should include your name and optionally email address or other contact information.

ITIL Foundation Certificate Germany

1.Alexander Gerok, ITIL Foundation 11/2006, Germany, Germersheim,
2.Amit Singh, ITIL Foundation 2006, CGI, Germany,
3.Andreas Ganz, ITIL Foundation 2006, Wiesbaden, Germany,
4.Benjamin A. Chinweoke, ITIL Foundation 2005, Germany,
5.Benjamin Wagner, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany,
6.Dietmar Tribess - ITIL Foundation 03/2006, IABG mbH, Ottobrunn, Germany
7.Dirk Johannwerner, ITIL Foundation 7/2004, Germany,
8.Francisco Henrique Guimaraes Angeli de Oliveira (Francisco Angeli)- ITIL Foundation 2005, Schwalbach, Germany -
9.Frederik Bauer, ITIL Foundations 2006, Germany,
10.Hoffmann, Andreas, Service Manager 2006, Germany,
11.Jìrgen Wìnschel, ITIL Foundation 2006 / ITIL Service Manager 2007, Basisconsult Wìnschel, Remchingen,
12.Kuhnt, Frank, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany,
13.Lars-Rolf Rapp, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany,
14.Albecker, Marcus, ITIL Foundation 11/2006, Germany
15.Matthias Kaulke, ITIL Foundation 2005, Wolfsburg, Germany,
16.Niels Warnecke, ITIL Foundation 2005, Germany, * No Advertising, please *
17.Olaf Harmssen, ITIL Foundation 2006 Germany,
18.Patrik Heim, ITIL Foundation 2005, Firma Realtech, Waldorf, Germany,
19.Peter Eberhardt ITIL Foundation, BMC-CE PATROL, Germany,
20.Peter Valicek, Munich, Germany - ITIL Foundation 2005 -
21.Rath, Lutz, ITIL Foundation 2005, Germany,
22.Rolf Peters, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany,
23.Sandra Guckenhan, ITIL Foundation 2006, Firma comundus, Stuttgart, Germany,
24.Shona O'Neill, ITIL FOUNDATION 2006, Germany,
25.Sigmund G.Vigneault, ITIL Foundation 2006 London,
26.Stefan Eggers, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany,
27.Master Stefan Kelber, ITIL Foundation, MCSE, CCA, VCP, ACA, Security+, Germany,
28.Stefan Thanheiser, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany,
29.Stefanie Ritz, ITIL Foundation 10/2006, Germany,
30.Stephan Braun, ITIL Foundation 2006, Filterwerk MANN+HUMMEL GmbH?, Ludwigsburg,
31.Svenli Boehler - ITIL Foundation 03/2006, Frankfurt/M, Germany sven(at)
32.Tiede, Thomas, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany,
33.Schneider, Rainer, ITIL Foundation 05, Germany/Duesseldorf,
34.Laser, Torsten, ITIL Foundation 12/2004, Germany, torsten . laser (at) googlemail . com
35.Leibrock, Oliver ITIL Foundation 06/2003, Neubiberg, Germany,
36.Gawrikow, Rainer, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany, Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie
37.Kirste, Ronald, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany,
38.Thomas, Dartscht,ITIL IT-Servicemanager 2005, Germany,
39.Harald, Boensch, ITIL Foundation 11/2006, Germany, Koeln,
40.Sanchez, Carlos, ITIL Foundation 12/2006, Germany, Hannover,
41.Anita Singh, ITIL Foundation v2 2007, Munich, Germany - anita.singh(at)
42.Scholten, Stefan, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany, Mìnster,
43.Pracht, Udo, ITIL Foundation 11/2003, Germany, Koeln/Cologne (No links)
44.Klein, Martin; ITIL Foundation; 11/2006; Munich, Germany
45.Meyer, Markus; ITIL Foundation; 06/2004, Germany;
46.Ward, Clifton; ITIL Foundation #56429; 09/2005; Mannheim, Germany,;
47.Letkiewicz, Marius - ITIL Foundation 10/2006, Duesseldorf, Germany -
48.Freisch├�´┐½├�┬¼tz, Axel - ITIL Foundation 03/2004, Cologne, Germany -
49.Weiss-Kuntze, Joerg - ITIL Foundation 07/2006, Ruesselsheim, Germany -
50.Kampmann, Richard - ITIL Foundation 01/2007, Hirschberg, Germany -
51.Hoffmann, Detlev - ITIL Foundation 02/2006, Leverkusen, Germany -
52.Gola, Alexander - ITIL Foundation 02/2007, Munich, Germany -
53.Paradzik, Marko - ITIL Foundation 02/2007, Karlsruhe, Germany -
54.Barbara Krumes - ITIL Foundation 12/2006, Karlsruhe, Germany -
55.Michael Leidig - ITIL Foundation 01/2006, Munich, Germany -
56.Christian H├�´┐½├�┬Ânig - ITIL Foundation 02/2007, Lichtenfels, Germany,
57.Andreas Weinberger - ITIL Foundation 09/2004, Microsoft MMI, Konz, Germany, (No URLS]
58.J├�´┐½├�┬Ârg Media - ITIL Foundation 02/2007, Nuremberg, Germany
59.Klaus B├�´┐½├�┬Âhm - ITIL Foundation 03/2007, Denklingen, Germany,
60.Tobias Br├�´┐½├�┬¤utigam - ITIL Foundation 01/2007, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, tobias.braeutigam - A T -
61.Tomislav Autischer - ITIL Foundation 03/2007, Munich, Germany,
62.Sven-Uwe Weller - ITIL Foundation 04/2007, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
63.Kuldeepak Angrish - ITIL Foundation 2003, Herzogenaurach, Germany
64.Sascha Fichter - ITIL Foundation 03/2007, Heidelberg, Germany,
65.J├�´┐½├�┬Ârg Porth - ITIL Foundation 04/2007, Bad Homburg v.d.H., Germany,
66.Jeff Book - ITIL Foundation 05/2007, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
67.Tobias Hofmann - ITIL Foundation 05/2007, Wagh├�´┐½├�┬¤usel, Germany,
68.Peter Schulz - ITIL Foundation 05/2007, Michelstadt, Germany
69.Claus-A. Boche - ITIL Foundation 10/2006, Dìsseldorf, Germany,
70.Marc Haunfelder - ITIL Foundation (31065772) 06/2007, Germany
71.Juergen Liebhaeuser - ITIL Foundation (310657771) 06/2007, Nuernberg, Germany,
72.Michael Leidig - ITIL Practitioner 01/2007, Munich, Germany -
73.Hauke Peinz - ITIL Foundation 10/2007, Osnabrueck, Germany -
74.Kno├�alla, Ulrich - ITIL v2 Foundation 03/2007; ITIL v2 zu v3 Foundation Bridge 02/2008, Dresden, Germany -
75.Lange, Michael - ITIL Foundation 03/2007, Stuttgart, Germany -
76.Davis, Jonathan, ITIL v3 Foundation, 12/2007, Offenburg, Germany -
77.Kuehnast, Stefanie, ITIL Foundation 11/2007, Germany -
78.Oliver Kusche, ITIL Foundation 10/2005, Germany,
79.Andreas Schade, ITIL Foundation v2 01/2005, Frankfurt/Main, Germany,
80.Jens Reimann, ITIL Foundation v2, 01/2008, Frankfurt/Main, Germany,
81.Steven Fila, ITIL Foundation v2, 05/2007, Munich, Germany
82.Waldemar Grund, ITIL Foundation v2, 04/2005, Koeln, Germany -
83.Christian Doehler, ITIL Foundation (310607363), 12/2006, Nuernberg, Germany,
84.Schmidt-Buchta, Matthias, ITIL Foundation, 2007, Frankfurt, Germany,
85.Kohlmann, Ferry, ITIL Foundation, 2008, Stuttgart/Leonberg, Germany,
86.Stefan Schńuble, ITIL Foundation v2, 11/2007, Stuttgart/Filderstadt, Germany,
87.Bethanne Cellars, ITIL Foundation, 03/2005, Berlin, Germany, bcellars AT zedat . fu-berlin. de
88.Zarkadakis, Panos, ITIL Foundation v.2, EXIN #. 030843, 05/2008, Hamburg/Germany,
89.Edward Keller, ITIL Foundation, 05/2008, Heidelberg, Germany,
90.Sven Rogalla, ITILv3 Foundation,Germany,
91.Daniel Rheinbay, ITILv2 Foundation, 03/2008, Berlin, Germany,
92.Tim Pommerich, ITILv2 Foundation, 04/2008, Schwerin/Bonn, Germany,
93.Tim Pommerich, ITILv3 Foundation, 03/2009, Dresden/Bonn, Germany,
94.Torsten Thomas ITILv2 Foundation, 10/2005, MŘnchen,
95.Andreas Duske ITILv3 Foundation, 07/2008, Berlin,
96.Michael H÷ller ITILv2 Foundation, 08/2008, EXIN 0802#310851362, mhoeller AT akazia . de
97.Jens Mauckisch ITILv2 Foundation, 08/2008, Berlin, Germany,
98.Stephen Allison ITILv2 Foundation, 2007, Munich,
99.Marko Kellner ITILv2 Foundation 11/2004, G÷ttingen,
100.David Kammering, ITILv2 Foundation, 12/2007, DŘsseldorf,
101.Carsten Nitschke, ITILv2 Foundation, 2007, Bergisch Gladbach,
102.Dr. Dieter Metzdorf, ITIL Foundation 2006, Germany, DŘsseldorf, dieter(at)
103.Torsten Kanngie▀er, ITIL Foundation 2007, Germany, MŘnster,
104.Frank Holznagel, ITILv3 Foundation, 12/2008, Stadum, Germany,
105.Helmut DarmŘntzel, ITILv2 Foundation Mńrz 2007, Rostock, Germany,
106.Michael Froehlich, ITILv2 Foundation June 2007, Dortmund, Germany, mfroehlich(at)
107.Stefan Gathmann, ITIL Foundation June 2007, Munich, Germany,
108.Michael Georgakis, ITILv3 Foundation Dez. 2008, Kempten, Germany, michael(at)
109.Deniz Ece. ITIL V2 Foundation Feb 2008, Berlin, Germany,
110.BETAdvisory ITILv2 foundation MARCH 2008 Frank>>> Germany
111.Thomas Grell, ITILv2 Foundation Feb 09, Bremen, Germany, pangea2(at)
112.Jochen Schummer, ITILv2 Foundation Sep 08, Stuttgart, Germany, jochen.schummer(at)
113.Gisbert Multhaupt, ITIL V2 Foundation March 2008, Paderborn, Gemany, gisbertmulthaupt(at)
114.Thomas Freise, ITIL V2 Foundation April 2009, NŘrnberg, Germany, tfreise(at)
115.Benjamin Beyer, "Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management - EXIN Exam, based on ITIL", Mai. 2009, Sindelfingen, Germany
116.Tilmann Fingerle, ITIL V3 Foundation, May 2009
117.Thomas Fischbach, ITIL V3 Foundation, May 2009,
118.Tijen Caglan, ITIL V3 Foundation, July 2009,


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